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Factor X Racing NSX at the Long Beach Grand Prix

19 March 2002
In a big building with many toys
For those attending the Long Beach Grand Prix, we will be racing on Thurs-Sat. right after Formula D. Its the top 10 Time Attack teams battling it out on the streets on Long Beach so if you can make it out you will see quite a show:biggrin:
I'll be there.. any hookups for an NSX owner:wink: :tongue: ..

I'd like to see the car up close!! haha
You won't want to see me. I will be working on one of the tow trucks. Play safe and have fun.
UFC fight this weekend. If the BBQ host flakes, I might pick up a ticket to go check out the race. Im not a big fan of the Champ Car series or drifting for that matter. But I would want to check out the ALMS race and the GT World Challenge race. NSX guys get any kind of club parking? :smile:
They are doing club parking for Porsche and another group of cars.
To bad they didn't do it for the NSX's.

My NSX will be at the Long Beach Grand Prix show also. It will be at TOYO Tires Booth. Rampage Jackson will also have his car there. I think is an
My NSX will be at the Long Beach Grand Prix show also. It will be at TOYO Tires Booth. Rampage Jackson will also have his car there. I think is an

Hey now! I got some Toyo's on my NSX, granted its not show car fancy, but can I mooch a parking space in the booth??!! HAHA :tongue: :wink: :biggrin:
Tomorrow night (thursday) at 7pm there is an autograph session for Formula D/Super Lap Battle.

Come check out the cars, and swing by and say hi! I look forward to meeting all of you!

-Billy J
I'm pretty sure I've got pit passes already... hopefully ill find some of you guys or your nsx's..

If I do make it I'll be in my Fit. :biggrin: Just look for the Blue one with the NSXCA decal on it. :tongue:
I have reserved tickets for Fri-Sun. I think i'm getting there by 5AM each day, don't really want to deal with parking fights :)
Parking seems like is going to be a pain.
I hope to park close if i go early but not sure.
I would bring a kick scooter to go around in. lots of walking there....
Wife, 3 kids and I will be there Sat.
We drive the minivan to Willow exit, park at the parking structure and ride the Metro Blue line (the kids loves riding on the train) to the race track.
Sunday, it's just me and the wife.

Last year I talked to an Acura guy and asked about NSX car corrals and he said there is just no room for them at Long Beach. I know that RSO34 and NSXCA did try this year but no luck.

Good luck to Factor X and Stuntman this weekend !
5 A.M. is hardcore.
i'll see u guys around!
I ended up arriving at 8AM every day so far :) 5AM is so early... leaving at 7AM, i'm still exhausted!!!

I saw your car at the Toyo booth, but didn't get to meet you
I saw some people leaning on your NSX's front bumper/fender :mad: Some people have no respect..... I was going to take a picture of the guy I saw leaning, but my batt died... Just wanted you to know.
Saw the Factor X NSX on the track:biggrin:

Looked GREAT!!:smile:

I think it was about the fastest on the big straight!!!

Very cool to see and NSX on that track!

Thanks for representing!

Also saw Firesun's Car outside of the Speed World Challange Paddock!

Looked GREAT! Lots of people taking LOTS of pictures:cool:

I was there Thursday 3:00pm to 6:00PM, Friday 8:00AM to 6:00PM, Saturday 7:30AM to 6:00PM and Sunday 8:00 to 6:00PM:eek:

I'm beat!:tongue:
Hi All,
Steve, didn't see you around, but i am sure u had fun.
Carl didn't see you either. Next time hope to meet you.
I saw Billy <Zarnadi 50>. I saw the Factor X car up at their car pit. Didn't get to say hi cuz they was busy.

As far as people leaning on my car and etc. I am only worried about the side mirrors because they don't fold. I had someone tried to fold my mirror one time and it broke off and he was like "ahh, i was trying to fold the mirrors in so i wont hit it"..wha can i say? so other than that it was fun from Thurs-Sunday. I was pretty exhausted myself.
Congrats to Factor X and Stuntman for winning their event.
Nice to hear the NSX got a lot of air time from the announcers.

Stuntman was very accommodating when my family and I met him. Took the time to talk with us for a bit. Too bad I did not get a chance to talk to the other Factor X guys but my 3 year old was having a conversation with very friendly Factor X guy and gal about fire engines and engines on fire.:smile:
You guys do us NSX owners and Primers proud.

We saw Firesun's car in the Toyo booth Sat. Great looking car.

Acura, driven by Brabham had a good result finishing 1st in their class and 3rd overall in the ALMS race. Pretty exciting last Champ car race on Sunday.
Drift, Speed World Challenge and other support races makes for a good full race weekend.
Thanks guys, I wish we could have spent more time with you guys but we were limited on our time in the pits. Thanks again for coming out and supporting us!
I took some track level pictures from the turn 8 station. Let me know if you would like a copy.