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FIKSE FM-5 17x8 and 18x10 with Yokohama AVS Sport Tires

1 April 2002
Alameda, CA, USA
I am thinking about selling my set of Fikse FM-5 true 3 piece wheels made to fit any year Acura NSX. The fronts are 17x8 with 235/40/17 Yokohama AVS Sport tires and the rears are 18x10 with 275/35/18 tires. The tires only have about 1,000 miles on them and look brand new. I bought this set thinking to use them for the track but because my car is lowered, the front tires are slightly larger than what I can use. This wheelset comes with lugs and locks but is missing 2 centercaps which you can purchase from Fikse. Also I think I am missing one lug so that can also be purchased at the same time from Fikse. I have only installed and driven on the rears for about 200 miles while I waited for my new tires to be shipped for my Volk's.
The wheels are free from any curb marks or curb rashes but the only thing is when the orignal owner sent them to me, he left the lug nuts loose in the shipping box and they put very small dimples on the rim halves which you can get polished out if you want them perfect. These wheels are very expensive and would cost over $4.5K for the set with tires. I am selling this set for only $2,000 or best offer.
I haven't had a chance to take actual pictures of the wheels but if you are serious about these, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will send you some photos. Please don't insult me with low ball offers. Thanks for your interest.
Here is a picture of the wheelset on the original owners car. They do not stick out past the wheel wells and have the perfect offset without rubbing. The only thing that I am not certain is the fronts as the tires are 235/40/17 which are taller than stock. Right now I have 215/40/17 and when I turn my steering wheel all the way and back up, my tires do rub a little on the plastic inside the wheel well.
I do not recommend anyone who has a lowered car to purchase this set as I think the front tires are slightly too tall. If your car is not lowered, this set will look perfect!


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Thank you everyone who e-mailed me but the Fikse wheelset is sold as of this evening. You will probably see it around the Bay Area in the very near future. Thanks NSX Prime. Please lock this thread.