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Filler for antenna hole

11 April 2006
I know some of us have removed the antenna motor and have covered up the antenna hole. Please tell me what you have used and pic if you have some.

Not sure about an NSX, but I removed a power antenna assembly from a Miata and found what's called a sink blank at Lowe's. It's the chrome caps that cover up unused holes in a kitchen sink. They are made out of spring steel, flared at the bottom to hold them in and chrome on top. I just roughed up the chrome with sandpaper, sprayed on primer and then sprayed on touch-up paint to match the car, popped it in and it looks like a factory blank. If you go this route, make sure to get the blank for a stainless steel sink as it will be made to fit thin metal versus a porcelain sink which would rattle around. Also make sure it will actually fit an NSX hole but they sure look the same to me.
I recommend using a silicone sealant to place under whatever you mount to the hole since weather will weaken most bonds. This will keep water from entering into your trunk if you removed the tube that normally funnels water down and out of hole where the antenna is.
Thanks guys for all your help. I found a solution with a BUTTON PLUG from the hardware store. I took the oem antenna rubber cap and match its size to a button plug. I found one perfect fit and I'm sure not even one drop of water can get in there:smile:
^ yep, that's the right part. I have it on my NSX and it's very clean and elegant. I think the grommet is used in Accord trunks too.

Here's what it looks like on an ITR:


I know, Mighty Putty!

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The problem with that plug is it sticks up and is ok looking (i have one also)

But i did find a plug at ace hardware that is cheap and super thin to the body and fits perfect.
You can just gut the antena and use the top part as a hole filler!