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Finally found a car!!

5 November 2002
So after much looking I picked up an 05 Silver/Black in Tacoma this week. Its shipping out tomorrow and should be here by next weekend.

1 owner, 9700 miles. Very nice condition and all stock.

HUGE THANKS to TerryNSX for doing much of the legwork for me. He did the initial inspection, helped set up the PPI, picked me up at the airport and drove me around all day!!!

Couldn't ask for a nicer guy and I could not have done it without him as I am 2000 miles away!


Pics to come when it arrives and I have a chance to clean it up.

Many happy, safe miles.
Grats on the find. Enjoy! :smile:
Welcome to our community and congrats.
Finally...........Even though Silverstone is no LBBP, I will still hang out with you :tongue: Steve
Congrats hope you enjoy it:) Did you stop by Bertalenos coffee house near University of Puget Sounds, auto enthusiast spot.
I live about 20 blocks from UPS!

Congrats the wife says such a plesure to see you in town, hope you and yours will enjoy.

I will also say that is was great to have you over this side of the mountains, your a geantleman and a schollar.(OSUGRAD)

Gene Nsprime member is also in Tacoma he has a white Nsx :)
I talked to Gene a week ago..I thought he had a red unit (likely my mistake) was going to give him a jingle and check out his baby he said he MIGHT sell it too.
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