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Finally got my lazybutt to do my thermostat!

3 November 2006
i noticed earlier this year that when i cruise in the hwy or if its cold outside, my temp gauge would drop to COLD.

also, just like MOST people here, i thought SLOW warm up was "NORMAL"

anyways, i got the OEM thermostat + 50/50 Acura Coolant and decided to work on it this morning.

right away, i noticed that the temp gauge went up to normal temp within 1/2 of driving it!!!

also noticed that the cars throttle responds better and feel lil stronger throughout the powerband-----im guessing the ECU was on "LIMP MODE" all this time?

took me 45min and i took my time doing it too. :cool:
I'm having that lazy bug myself. I need to get out in the garage and replace my spool valve gaskets, hell their laying next to the car.:redface: I've had em for 3 months.