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Finally my own one

4 May 2001
Stockholm, Sweden
After carefully following this forum for some time, examine the most remote corner of this site, including detail-study of the -91 service manual that is to be found here, I will finally pick up my first NSX next week.
I have never driven one, I totally think this is the CAR to get according to the testimonies from you guys . Since I live in Sweden, and I estimate there is like 10 sold in total here, they are quite hard to get your hands on. I have finally found one in Germany that I have totally fell in love with (and they say you can't be in love until you meet the object). A -96 with 4300 Km on it. So I guess I'll be around bugging you guys with the metric system as often as possible. (also in advance, excuse me for poor spelling and grammar that may occur)

longing hard to get my hands on one
Thanxx, Pics are comming up...
A benefit of buying it in germany is the Autobahns, unlimited speed the first time you get behind the wheel, that could not be healthy :)

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Just wondering what you will have to pay for the dream. Also what does it cost to register and insure a nsx where you are.
Regarding the price, I belive it is very reasonable. €34.800 (31.000 US$).
One owner and 17/18 rims, cd changer and "tuned brakes" (no idea what brakes mods yet, but I'm crossing my fingers it's the kit from Movit since it's a German car)
Registration plus environmental fee is around 400 US$ since it is from an other country.
Now the really happy part is the insurance, 1.200 US$ a year, 100% cover and 20.000 KM driving allowed yearly. A bargain in my eys

longing hard to get my hands on one
Congratulations! Definitely post us pictures. I envy your road trip! Make sure to check your tire pressures before blowing down the autobahn.

Hal Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon
95T Blk\Blk SportShift
Thanxx, I got a low-res picture that I just published at: http://casio.zing.com/mypictures/inbox/view.html?id=4270785302&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.zing.com%2Fpicture%2Fpb110c0b46b271402fc0e4d9be90eabbe%2Ffe8f0316.jpg&caption=dsc00022
and http://casio.zing.com/mypictures/inbox/view.html?id=4270785298&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.zing.com%2Fpicture%2Fp44ac1008c1ab9a458c3685540ff60a26%2Ffe8f0312.jpg&caption=dsc00023

This is the only visual info I got on it so far, but I'll post somt pics as soon a got to lay my hands on the beauty.
-I'm really like a child a couple of days before Santa shows up.
BTW, anyone got a extra pair of rear lights? I have to get rid of the ugly rear foglight and get the ACURAS dual backup lamps.

longing hard to get my hands on one

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That is one beautiful car! I am jealous, as I am sure are most of the readers here, because we dont have an autobaun! Montana was the closest thing, however, I believe they have speed limits once again.

Be careful with the car on the way home! I am not sure what you drive now, but the NSX is good for over 160 MPH!

NetViper -= looking to get an NSX before I turn 26! =- Didn't make 25 :(
So you did have unlimited speed im Montana?
a shame they removed it. I remember I saw om tv President Clinton removing some Federal law to make it possible for the individual state to allow unlimited speed, but I never herd it was allowed in any state. Regarding speeding on my way home, i will take it gently, since it is only 3rd party insured. I used to have a Volvo 850 turbo on wich we modified the ecu a bit, 290 bhp om crank, that had to suffer some time on the Autobahns. Unfortunely the thief thaugt it was a good car as well. But I still have the ECU mods so if anyone has a 850 turbo as a second car and want som more stuffing in it, give me a post.

longing hard to get my hands on one
Welcome to the club!

Looks like your car has some OZ Futura 3pc. wheels. What do you mean you want to take out the rear foglights?

Thanx, I feel very welcomed here. I belive this is the best site I have ever visited. not just "our cars is the best and everything else stinks".
and yes, OZ rims it is, but I dont know the sizes yet, only 17/18.
About that rear foglight. If you look on the second link, on the left side rear light, the backup lamp is red. the European versions only use the right backup lamp as backup lamp. it is a filter inside the left to make the white light go red (stupid euro rule that you have to have one that you will NEVER use, except some people that say "hey a button on the dashboard, lets push it" and you will ride behind them thinking they are breaking, thats why it mostly is on only one side)

longing hard to get my hands on one
So you did have unlimited speed im Montana?
a shame they removed it.

Montana never had unlimited speed. The law in Montana is that speed must be "reasonable and prudent" (without specifying a particular speed). They generally will ticket you for going more than 80 to 90 mph.
Hey, NSXTACY, i noticed you have installed super-white headlights lamps. what exactly are that kind of lamps? HID or something else?
Well, my avatar only shows the rear view...
In fact, I don't think I've ever photographed my car with the headlights on. As it happens, I have the PIAA super-white bulbs but I'm planning to install HID headlights (since they're so terrific on my Integra GS-R).
OK, i noticed you confusion. I got it from your homepage :) , I guess you have seen the post about the $600 HID conversion, posted here a coupple weeks ago. looks nice priced to me.

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Well, if Veleno would start using his own nickname instead of the one I've been using for the past eleven years, he might become better known around here.

NOTE: That little smiley face above is SUPPOSED to mean that this is presented with kidding intent. Too often lately that's been ignored...

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Hi Swede,
Nobody has said anything about the true bargain you got! 31,000 US dollars for a '96 with .. wait, I need my calculator . . . less than 3,000 miles???? WOW!! What a deal! I don't think you can get a '96 for less than 45,000 here in the States.
Congratulations on your new car, the price you got and the beautiful condition it seems to be in.
Please tell us about the condition and the performance of the car after you pick it up. My last time in Europe about a year ago, I was driving a Fiat Station Wagon because they wouldn't let me take a Mercedes into Italy (in Munich). It was depressing to see a Porsche blowing by me at 120+ on the highway leading to Budapest in Hungary . Happy NSXing!
Thank you for clearing it out TES, my apologize. I guess this prove that you should enter this forum BEFORE you go out on a date for some Wining 'n' dining, not AFTER. A problem living in this timezone, you have to stay up late to be in the action here, +6 hrs to your Eastern time.
Yepp I too belive it is a bargain, I've been looking since January for the right object. FYI check out the biggest German site for cars. they usually have like 400.000 cars for sale. www.mobile.de just search for Honda and NSX.
But regarding the year -96 I'm not 100% anymore.
Last night I woke you and remembered the german way to handle yearmodel, a -91 car can be a -98 if it is standing in a showroom for 7 years and doesn't get sold. they calculate it as the first time it gets registered as yearmodel. I need the VIN number to check it out, but I haven't got it yet. But my creterias for the car I was looking for was Powersteering so it must be -95 or 96. Doesn't really matter, just want the new diff and electrical powersteering.
But now I'm getting nervous.... I hope the ad did state powersteering.....
BTW talking of old cars not leaving the showroom, here in Stockholm there is a -91 NSX with (almost) 0 miles on it. (1.7 miles or so) the transport rubber thingies are still on the suspension. that is like 10 years now... I checked the gearbox and it is right before the Snap-ring failure range.
AWWWG! worst has come to worst. the car is manufactured -93.
now, any ideas what I should do? the car looks fine and is told to be in mint condition, but since -93 no powersteering and the TC diff. please you who uses your NSX for everyday driving, do you miss the powersteering? need to know, because I'm still in love with the car, and was scheduled to buy it o Thursday. HELP!
I like my '91 WITHOUT the power steering. The steering is very precise at speed. It does not require a lot of effort except maybe during parallel parking (at the curb on the street). Unless you do a lot of parallel parking, I don't think it will be a problem at all.
A '93 for US$31k is still a very good deal if the car is really in mint condition.

Obviously it would be best for you to drive the manual steering before making a decision, but most people I know like it. The only time you really even notice it is when parking. Once you're moving it's pretty light.

I've owned both manual and power and they are both good. I don't realy think one is better than the other, just different.
I drove a 91 auto and it had power steering and I found it to be VERY heavy at low speeds. I cannot imagine what it is like to drive one without PS. But i want to try! :)

NetViper -= looking to get an NSX before I turn 26! =- Didn't make 25 :(
Thanxx guys for your feedback. after running the VIN in the Honda European Database, it turns out the car is a -94. From what I learned, the European and US VIN are different. In europe, the 10th digit(witch in US follows the ISO, is a stupid random number in europe)
So, since you shouldn't oppress you true feelings, I will get it anyway. Thank you all for your help in this issue.

longing hard to get my hands on one