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Finish on dash coming off

12 May 2001
Menlo Park, CA USA
On the '95 NSX-T I'm looking to purchase, some of the finish on the console is starting to bubble and come off. Is this normal? How much will it cost to replace?
This problem is extremely common; especially if you live in a warm climate. It's happening to mine quite severely. My recommendation would be to purchase a real carbon fiber dash kit to cover the blemishes. You can find them on e-bay for under $300.

I have been quoted $650 for just the center piece from an Acura dealer which is OUTRAGEOUS. Even if you were to spend the money for a new one I can guarantee that the problem will happen again in the future.

There is something very wrong with the choice of material for these such pieces. Acura would have been better off just painting the plastic or manufacturing the piece in METAL rather than using a defective foil to cover the plastic. Poor choice of materials IMO.
ChopsJazz -- Why do you say it is a bear to replace? I can do mine in about 15-30 minutes.

I would take the dash to a respected body shop. I had mine taken, prepped, and repainted for $70. I had mine done in a brighter silver to spice up the interior.

-- Chris


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Like yours, mine too is painted silver (body color), and I got pretty good at getting it in and out. But it was certainly no picnic!
And especially once it was painted, I was sooo careful not to scratch or chip it in any way. I sure don't want to do it very often. That is, of course, until I get the GPS and dash mount that you're selling!