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First boot in "Comptech supercharged" NSX....

19 May 2000
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Finally, after 1 month of waiting for parts and 6 days for install......took my newly supercharged 95 NSX-T out for its first hour long boot. At the same time, I had the Comptech Headers, Airbox and exhaust installed as well (recommended for supercharger)Installation went smoothly and all work was done by a local Acura dealership (North Toronto Acura).

First impressions.........WOW, UNFREAKIN BELIEVABLE!! Having spent a small fortune on this setup, I was really hoping for a huge leap in performance, but this was TOO MUCH!
The accelleration was mind boggleling with smooth as butter throttle response, no floundering idle...no jerkiness in power delivery at all. Granted, Ive only taken it out for an hour and will soon become more accustomed to the level of power, but this was 1 scary beast.
1st Casualty of stoplight wars..an unsuspecting (yet to be fair, Unmodified) C5 corvette...usually able to beat me off the start, but gradually lose once in third gear. Well, that was then, this is now...Simply embarassed the poor guy, wasnt even dramatic, once from a stoplight , once from about 30 MPH , in 2nd gear....The extent of the beating shocked me... I have giddy visions of Vipers in my sights!??!?!
I understand that this setup is rated at 4.8 sec 0-60 and 12.8 1/4 mile by comptech, but my subjective impression was of much greater accelleration, especially from 4 - 8 thousand RPM. I have driven and been in a number of superfast autos (RX7 TT, Vipers,C5, Supras,Porshe) going through their paces, and only the vipers gave me a greater feeling of G force, and then, only marginally...Im gonna try 1 on soon.....

Downsides...none on the performance side so far, but will update again with Pics, dynos (B4 and after), and future impressions....
The sound of the supercharger is not overbearing, but u can hear it whine during high RPM jaunts, different but not unpleasant. In combo with the airbox, header and exhaust the car sounds much more agressive, throatier and tuned. Only loud when being kicked, just the way I like it.....I miss the Vtec roar tho, it is somewhat lost in the high RPM Symphony of airbox, belt and exhaust.
Also, the new T roof storage compartment above the engine is made of cloth with zippers on the sides, not exactly cheesy looking, but have yet to test their storage ability...looks a little flimsy to me... Also, the rear engine hatch requires much greater force to close it..hopefully not wearing any metal parts in the latch mechanism ( no doubt expensive little parts...lol)

Well, I guess Im through gushing now...will update in a couple weeks...hmmmmm, where are those keys???

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