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First track event results at Hallet!!!!!

13 September 2000
Tulsa, OK
Well, I had my first track event and had a great time . . . even though I fried my clutch - I think. I went thru two 15 minute sessions and 3/4 of the way thru the third when I shifted into second gear before turn one, mashed the throttle, and got nothing but revs. What makes me laugh though (yes, I am laughing) is that even while I was pulling off to the inside of the track when this happened I was smiling b/c I was having such a great time. I really was having a blast!

The "Dead Ass Last" Boys came up from the Dallas area and really helped me out - towed my NSX back home! Thanks again! I'll write more later . . .


Who was sponsoring the event? I am running with the Ford Probe guys on April 14th at Hallett, I heard the track is very rough!!
What/who are the "Dead Ass Last Racing" guys from Dallas? The core group of NSX owners who have a passion for track driving. Why "Dead Ass Last"? Here's the backstory:

At the ALMS / Speedvision opening race at Texas Motor Speedway, we had just spent nearly an hour pouring over the Real Time Racing NSX and talking with the car manager about the car setup. After this, we began dreaming about how we'd love to finance a race team with lottery winnings (the TX lottery was at about $60 million at that point). We basically decided that this would be a more satisfying life than our current jobs, even if we came in "dead ass last" in every race.

A bad day on the track beats a great day at the office, right?

91 Black/Ivory #3012
I think the Stephens Brothers (track owners) sponsored it on Saturday and COMMA sponsored it on Sunday. Have fun w/ the Probe boys. Can I come w/ my NSX?

The track is great and I had a great time. Hallet is a very technical track that requires a lot of mental discipline. I rode with Vaughn Duarte as a passenger and learned why he's called "Iceman." This was after the third 15 minute session in which I fried my clutch. I'll never forget that smell!

Originally posted by erobbins:
A bad day on the track beats a great day at the office, right?

Depends how bad - your NSX becoming a mangled heap of aluminium probably rates as worse than a pretty bad day in the office