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"Fix-It" ticket help (please)

7 September 2003
Newport, CA
hey guys,

i have 2 seperate "fix it" tickets which are both correctable (non-referee) citations on: modified exhaust and one with no front plate. anyone know where i can possibly get these written off? i don't have stock exhaust, nor do i want to try to remove the rear diffuser, replace exhaust,and go back to it once i'm done. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced!

front plate solution:

go to your local traffic court facility, there should be a couple police officers wandering around there. Many cops actually drive sports cars too, use long tie-wraps to mount the front plate to the car. He should sign off on that fix-it ticket. While you do that, talk to him about your exhaust and ask if its cool if he signed off on that as well. Just be nice.
Your Acura dealer may be able to provide a temporary front plate mount, such as a magnetic one.
I got both of those ticket at the same time.
I used double sided tape for front plate before i pulled into inspection and take it off after the officer signed of the ticket
For the exhaust, they'll send you a bail letter so instead of fix it I just pay the bail which is about $140.
I don't agree with the front plate law....so I go with what other said....
However I dislike loud exhaust systems so I'd say get that fixed. It's inconsiderate to others when your screaming around town with your annoying exhaust note. It used to be cool on older cars (old mustangs, vettes and cobras) but now days you can get the performance without the noise.

Unfortunately some people need the attention....whether it's good or bad :frown:

good luck