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Flea Market Find

These were the first 1:18 scale ones for sale in the US that branded Acura name. I remember paying around $20 bucks for it in the mid 90's.
That's funny I found one at a junk thrift store behind some older metal models. A buddy told me about so I went by and sure enough a red/black metal revell model in the box just like my car when I bought (Acura NSX)
The guy wanted 50 for it. I got him down to 35 cash. The box was in horrible shape but the car was OK
Back in the day, I found the Revell model in costco for $15.00, I bought two, one red and one black. not the greatest quality but still ok. Since then I have got the Koysho 1/18th in red, as well as a motormax or two. The koysho being the best of the three.