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floor mats 91-2000 or 2001-05?


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12 April 2005
San Clemente Ca.
Am going to order a new set of Tan OEM floor mats for use down the road.
Both styles are available at about the same price $85 & $95.
I understand both fit, and the 01-05 mats are improved?
But I have never really noticed.
Can anyone here explain the differences?
Which ones should I get?
Thanks...... :biggrin:
lol...god you just made my day better.
I've been watching this thread to see the answer. Let us know what you find out.
CKS Papa said:
Maybe you can PM Hrant, he's an expert with floormats.
You can even buy his mats !

Thanks for the plug :wink:

The 01-05 mats have the hook, and they shaved down the pile where the rails are. Besides that, I am not aware of any other improvements to speak of.

You would think that given I have a tan interior too, I would have made one in that color too ...... which was why I started this path in the first place! Frankly, we do not offer a matching tan color floor mat because there has been little interest/volume to justify the cost. I find the monochromatic tan floor mats to be really bland and so 80s. Our orders for those who have tan interior has been to go with true black with tan logo. You can see the picture in this post: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36480