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Fluttering sound at speed....

26 June 2000
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL, USA
Does anyone experience a loud fluttering sound seemingly coming from the driver's seat belt at high speeds with the T off? It sounds like the seat belt strap snapping repetatively against the place where it comes out of the pillar behind your head. Upon turning and looking while driving(yikes), I'm beginning to think that it's NOT the strap. Almost like it's something inside the interior panels slapping around. The passenger side doesn't make this sound and the design of the car is the same on both sides so I'm lost. Thanks......
It must be your hair piece then!
I think this is common amongst T's that have been poorly re-painted

Or maybe the thin protective film is coming loose. Of course, this is usually removed prior to repainting.

Doc Lane may be on to something
Whew! I'm going to have to go see my shrink again now. I burnt my last one out early. She was only 24, Went running out of the last session screaming, "no mas, no mas!"

Anyway, it is definitely something snapping like the belt strap or some kind of tape inside the interior panels slapping against something. The wind might be getting into the slot where the belt comes out and finding something to slap around.

Thanks for all the help, you dirty bastards. BTW, the hair on my head is real but I had a toupee made for my ass so I could feel more manly.
Based on your picture, have you tried closing the hood, trunk and doors. It might help cutdown on the wind ;o)
Laughing hard!!!!!!
Falling out of the chair!

I'd say it's either the seatbelt (since you don't wear it, it seems like it would flap in the wind) or one of the trim panels on the rear firewall is loose on a corner....