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Focal Be Speaker Kits and Amplifiers

20 February 2008
I have a chance to buy a few Focal things at dealer cost. Anyone want any items?

Your prices would be as follows:
No 5 Kit - 2250.00
No 6 Kit - 2350.00
No 7 Kit - 2800.00

800W Amp - 500.00
2 x 150 W amp - 450.00

13WS Subwoofer - 615.00
21WX Subwofer - 675.00

K2 Series
27KX - 523.00

These are exclusive of any shipping to you. International buying is ok as long as it is a wire transfer or I can set the sale up on ebay and then I could take paypal.

I can also provide any Kenwood items you require.

PM me with any interest. I plan to place the order this coming week.