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Foglights/daytime running lights

1 September 2012
Ok, so I have the Canadian model NSX and the daytime running lights are the foglights. How do I get it so that my headlights and my fogs run simultaneously? Cause right now it's one or the other. Any input would be great thanks!
I don't have a Canadian car or a Canadian owner's manual so can't speak from direct experience .. but in a previous Canadian non-NSX car I had, there was an override switch on the dash that you could use to force the 'fogs' to be on at the same time as the headlights. Check your owners manual.
Are they really DRLs or are they really Foglights?
The beam pattern for either is completely different, so I wouldn't recommend running at DRL at night.

DRLs are typically a narrow beam that shoots very high (newer cars use the "high beam" but power it with less power during the day)

Foglights typically have a very Wide beam that doesn't shoot higher than the horizon (mainly illuminating the area directly in front of the car, just below the Low beams).

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