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For ‘94 Coupe…Need front Fender liners

Hi Bleu,
You seem new, Welcome.
Right side seems to be 74101-SL0-505
Left side seems to be 74151-SL0-505
I got these numbers here:
You can certainly look for other sources, I was just using that site as reference.
I am not sure what you are asking for with this:
"can right side liner and cover too"
Give a little better detail and we may be able to help.
Thanks for the help!

Hey Al…thank you for the info…yes, I’m new, but have been at it with my NSX since ‘96. I’m just not too adept at this on line process! I think the forum concept is terrific…and helpful! My “typo” skills are high, typing skills..not so good! I meant to write that I can use the right side for both these pieces too. I will go to the link you sent and see if these items are available, and I’ll keep you posted…again, many thanks ….Jeff