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For all those ivory

13 September 2000
Tulsa, OK
Previous owner had to take out the ivory interior due to many muddy shoe prints on the driver side and replaced it with black carpet . . . so I've done some investigation in getting it back to OEM ivory and had a little sticker shock on the OEM replacement. $600 plus on the carpet. And that's if someone can actually find it for you. After that news, I went to a few local interior shops and they couldn't quite match the ivory color. Closest I saw was some lexus light tan (I forget the exact name) stuff. The interior shop I liked quoted $550 for the carpet, same color floormats, labor, and some "rough spot" treatment.

Right now, I'm leaning on the interior shop option. So before I pull the trigger . . .

Any suggestions.

Thanks David. I called them and was told they didn't have a carpet for the NSX. I then filled out a comment message saying I was disappointed that the NSX wasn't included and asked about their plans to include it in their product line. We'll see.

Thanks though.