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For those with H&R springs

17 February 2000
San Francisco, CA
Have u guys ever fitted 17" R compound tires in the front? Any rubbing issue? What brand of tires and what brand of wheels with offset? I'm particularly interested in the size of 225/45/17 for the front. I have 17x8 with ET50 wheels.

Right now I'm running 225/45/16 street tires and it rubs occasionally.

Thanks for the help.

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Can't you find the tires you want in 225/35/17. That is the most ideal size for the front since the overall height isn't that much different then stock. I have the H&R springs with 225/35/18 in the front. However I didn't drive the car yet to comment on rubbing. It is still winter in PA.
Depending on your offsets either size will most likely rub, but only at full lock. Since you don't use full lock at the track that shouldn't really be an issue...?

If your car is lowered they can also rub during heavy front-end compression (bumps or braking) depending how lowered it is.

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