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forced induction vs. nitrous

9 January 2002
I have a '92 3.0 l automatic and want more power. Will the automatic transmission handle
the extra hp? I intend to put on a C-tech exhaust and change the timing belt this spring. Does anyone have any experience with
nitrous on an automatic? I live in Iowa where
modified (or any) NSX's are rare. Thanks.
I've done a forced induction on an automatic NA car before, not an NSX, but I think some of the principles will be the same. I turbocharged my non-turbo 3000GT, and also knew a person who used NOS on his 3000GT. His transmission failed when mine was still going strong. I was running more hp with the turbos too. Both our cars was built by the same mechanic, and he told me that NOS is very hard on the automatic tranny. Imagine an automatic car at WOT, then u use NOS, this gives the auto tranny a jolt that is very harmful. The turbo doesn't give the tranny that "jolt" that NOS gives. The power on a turbo car is more linear than that of an NA car using NOS. Hope this helps.

Thats the reason they have come out with programmable/progressive NOS control units. It eliminates the jolt and progressivly lets out as much NOS as you throttle the rpm's the same "roll on the power" can be duplicated w/ NOS but a lot of "kids" or "mentally challenged" drivers and installers w/ 500.00 and a drill and screw driver think they know how to install a "safe" system.
Yes you can get enormous power for 500.00 in parts and a 30.00 refill "but" done properly with a pressure gauge "in the cabin" 800 to 1050 psi is a must.At 1050 NOS starts to atomize and thus the "famous backfire"and possible damage hopefully not internal and it just blows the air filter off.A bottle heater for winter or cooler weater to get the temp and pressure up thus less refilling to get hp.A bottle blanket to help controll heat and cool and maintain more consistant pressure.Automatic/electric bottle opener(not nessesary but nice vs's running to the trunk each time you want to lay into it.And then of course the multi-stage progressive NOS controller.Probably 1/2 the price of "todays" supercharger but before Marks masterpiece hit the street 1/4 the price and 10,000-13,000 is rape in my opinion.Marks 5,600 is very fair and my choice if the money is available.

thanks, actually my preference would be the Baschboost SC. I assumed that the long term
exposure to increased hp would be harder on the auto tranny than brief blasts from nitrous. I assume I'd need to modify the tranny or switch out to a manual if I went with Mark's SC.