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Freeport, ME

14 October 2002
Ottawa, Ontario
Hey guys,

Well, I only have a few days off this summer so we're gonna do something different this year and just pack the 3 kids into the Odyssey and drive down to Freeport, ME. :biggrin:

Obviously LL Bean will be our main destination but we also want to take in some local scenery, find activities for the kids as well as eat a lot of seafood.

Can anyone suggest places to go? We're looking at staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Freeport but also looking at the Harraseeket Inn.

Hi John;

How's that new baby doing? I figured u would get over ruled on coming to
Est Fest.. We had a great time there; I would like to suggest a drive up US
Route 1 to Owls Head about 40 miles (approx 50 klm) from Freeport/LL Bean
the area of Rockland & Camden are very nice. In Owls Head has a great Trans. Museum with lots of interesting car & old planes and a bit of everything. Then way noth east is Arcadia Nat. Park very beautiful along the

Have a safe trip & good luck!

Regards; Clem:cool:
L.L.Bean is very busy this time of year. The weekends are the worst , everybody is on vacation, and Maine is a popular place for a visit during the summer months.

If you go be sure to check out the L.L.Bean annex located across the street and away from all the traffic. It is a little hard to find, and you may have to ask a L. L. Bean employee where it is located. This is L. L. Beans' discount store with returns and slightly damaged goods. The prices are a steal because even if you buy it there you still get the standard guarantee new or not. It is hit or miss if you find something to your liking , inventory changes due to whatever they receive to sell , but worth a look.

One thing I have done in past trips to L. L. Bean was to arrive at an ungodly hour of the day or night and go shopping at midnight or later. ( L. L. Bean is open 24 hours ) No lines , no waiting , no crowds , plenty parking. Main store will be open , but annex closes and is open during the day only.

A good side trip is to Kittery , about 1+ hours south on I-95. They have the Kittery Trading Post which is like L. L. Bean but much better prices. There is also a large amount of Factory outlets and some good restaurants and cheaper hotels than the Freeport area.