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fried d3?

7 April 2008
I have the same post over on avic411.com, thought maybe one of the radio gurus over here may have some insight.
I had a friend trying to help me install my d3 and he spliced into the power for the cig lighter instead of the power for the radio harness. This popped the fuse on the back of the nav unit but there was a puff of smoke first. Now the unit keeps popping fuses, my guess is that it shorted something internally and that’s why we keep loosing fuses now. Does this sound about right? Think the unit is toast?
popping fuses, puff of smoke, burnt electronic smell....

why are you even asking? Think it's toast? Of course it is! :confused:

BTW: Doesn't matter if he tapped the power for the cig lighter or power for the radio harness - 12v power is 12v. He shorted something because he hit power to something that was suppose to be a ground.
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