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Front fender liner - Condensor portion

12 June 2002
Brunei/ UK
I'm planning on replacing the two fenderliners portion as well as getting the missing part radiator cover (part no.7). My front bumper is a one piece GT-One bumper and therefore most of the oem parts are not needed for the installation of the bumper.

My question is where do the two bolts no.15 and 16 as circled in red screws into?

Part # 15 and 16 should just be the push pin used in the fender and around the Radiator duct. You can get them from the dealer or buy some generic 8mm push in clip.

91545-SE0-003 CLIP ASSY. (8MM)
Thanks Chris. I think that's why my condensor cover is just hanging and nothing to fix it into.