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Front License Bracket Hardware Needed

5 November 2002
So I ordered the part not realizing that I still need the 4 screws that hold it in plus 2-4 more for the plate.

Anyone know the specs on these screws?

hmm. Well, I'd go to Acura and get the parts. Also, there are 2 additional nuts that are on the underside of the bumper. Sometimes they are still there in tack, sometimes they come loose and you need to get them replaced (otherwise you will have nothing to screw your holder into). Check to see if yours are there.

I ended up getting the SOS stealth license plate holder and it requires that those nuts be there (I ended up having to get them separately).
Please don't distroy the look of the NSX with a front plate.
I too installed the SOS stealth plate frame. It works well. Of course my NSX didn't have the !@#$% nuts required. So I had to order them. My front plate spends all of its time folded up (not really visible). If I get stopped I plan to say "I'm sorry officer. I folded it up when I washed it last and forgot to fold it down."
I went to my parts bin and I'm not sure which bolts are which. I have some black bolts with black washers and an M / 9.8 stamped on top. They might be Toyota plate bolts but I think Acura gave me 6-8 of them for the plate holder. I bought the plate holder about 10 years ago so I forget.

Thanks for the info about the 2 integrated nuts. Shouldn't there be 4 nuts?

I may put the plate on as I used up my favours in traffic court last month.

We used to get a meter maid ticket for no front plate but 5 years ago the law switched it to a moving offence with a big fine and points against your licence and insurance.
Yet dealer owned cars drive with only one plate and they skirt the sales tax laws and drive for 6 months with the dealer plate screwed in place.

The police have looked at my car but no ticket yet although I'm scared to drive when they are cracking down on main street parade night when all the kids are out racing. I stay home.