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Frustrating experience with Delray Acura d.b.a acuraoemparts.com


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23 April 2003
This is my experience with ordering cooling system parts through AcuraOEMparts.com

10/25 - $750 order placed, acknowledgement received.
10/28 - order status updated to processing
10/30 - some parts are backordered and will take an extra 3-5 days
10/31 - card charged in full anyways
11/12 - I inquired via e-mail as to order status and was informed we were still waiting on 19524-pr7-a00
11/13 - shipment notification via UPS 1Z26X313A896568504
11/20 - delivery attempted but apparently requires signature (not at my request) and I was not home.
11/21 - I make arrangements to be home to sign for the package, but none shows up. Checking the UPS website now shows shipment now "damaged in transit and being returned to vendor" (not at my request). I e-mail and ask that someone call me from the dealer so that we can figure out a common sense road forward.
11/22 - Jessica (I think?) calls and leaves a VM. I call back and get to do the same.
11/25 - Another e-mail and phone call politely requesting either a plan to get me parts or a refund. No reply.
11/27 - Last e-mail saying basically 'I have tried to be reasonable and polite, and I am now wondering whether that has been taken as an invitation to be taken advantage of. I will escalate if I do not get a reply'. No reply has been received.

Everything up to 11/22 I am OK with. Stuff happens, no need to make it any harder than it should be.

Since the non-delivery, the radio silence to my polite inquires is really pissing me off. What is the plan here? Tell me what to expect or refund my money - I don't care which. To date, they have done neither.
After 6.5 weeks, I now have most of the parts I paid for in October. I don't expect the remainder will ever show up. I have ordered them elsewhere.
I just say this thread. I live 10 miles from them and can go there if you want.
I just saw this thread. I live 10 miles from them and can go there if you want.
I just saw this thread. I live 10 miles from them and can go there if you want.

Thanks for the offer, but at this point I'm content to spend the money again elsewhere for the couple items they missed and put this behind me.
Sorry to hear that, I have ordered many parts from them without issue. Shipping issues happen, but they should at least be responding to you in attempt to rectify the transaction.
I've been ordering parts from them on and off for 10+ years and never needed customer support before. Stock, shipping and other issues happen. I get that. Frankly I am just glad the parts I needed are still available.

My issue is how this was handled. When ETA of a few days became a couple weeks and eventually a month has passed, polite inquires were brushed off days later. Another polite request for a recovery plan for the shipping snafu got no reply for more than a week. Even calling the parts department asking if 'there is someone else I can talk to about this' I could not get anything other than transferred over to a black hole VM box. I eventually had to be much more aggressive than I would normally be to get any reply, and then the tone came through clearly that I should kiss the ring and be grateful if I expected help.

At this point, I am just happy to have the car back up and running with most of my original order and some re-purchased parts.
Glad it worked out. They don’t have the best dealer reputation around here. But they are better than Napleton’s Craptascular Acura in West Palm Beach.