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Brakes FS: Rotora BBK (front and rear complete)

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29 December 2006
Las Vegas, NV
Note: First sale did not go through. I was originally just selling the fronts but I'm now selling the front and rear as a complete set and the previous buyer backed out. Up for sale!

For Sale: Rotora Street Challenge Front & Rear Big Brake Kit -
- Front 6 Pistons Calipers Red - 355mm 2-piece slotted rotors
- Rear 4 Pistons Calipers Red - 330mm 2-piece slotted rotors

Details: Barely used. Pads are still at least 85%. Great system, includes calipers, brackets, rotors, stainless brake lines and pads. Front wheels must be 18" to fit. You'll lose your ebrake unless you fab up your own bracket to reuse your existing OEM calipers. Have this system for 5 years, never had issues without ebrakes (just leave the car in gear).

More details: http://www.rotora.com/street-challenge/

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Price: $2600 + shipping + PayPal fee

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More photos can be found: http://www.rotora.com/gallery/