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Fuel additives... any suggestions? Injector cleaners/octane boosters... etc

24 July 2000
I am hesitant to put anything in my tant without knowing exactly what should be put in ... I've noticed that some carbon is gathering on the insides of my tailpipes as it wasnt like this before.. and i was wondering what type of injector cleaners would be best to remove the carbon deposits from within the engine itself... i've used teh STP injector cleaner before in my other cars... but want to know what i should use on my exotic.... thanks
If you are using a good brand of gas, like Chevron that contains detergents, then you shouldn't have to put any addatives in your tank. If you are traveling at altittude, say in the Denver area, you might want to add an octane booster. However, the car's computer is programmed to take care of such things on its own.
Also, if you are thinking of using an octane booster for more power, forget it. Remember, octane is not a measure of energy in the fuel. It is, instead, a measure of detonation temperature. Because of the NSX's high compression it needs a high octane rating to reduce the risk of predetonation.
Chevron Techron is highly regarded by BMW and some other owner clubs. I have used it for years with good results. I have had bad results with Berryman Chemtool but, to be fair, I may have used too much! In my experience, avoid Shell gasoline.
I ditto the Chveron Techron. Get the FI cleaner and not the fuel system cleaner. The FI cleaner will work out better for you. I have used this stuff for years and have seen it clean intake valves, etc... Highly recommended and available from your local Kragen for around 4.00 a bottle. I run 1 bottle every 10000 miles and have never suffered a FI related problem.
My friend uses NOS octane booster and he likes it. He says he gets better throttle response. It's about $10/bottle so I may try it just to see.

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