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Full Set Enkei Rims and Tires $2200.00

30 June 2008
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada - near Winnipeg
Price now reduced to $1600 - wheels AND tires

Enkei GTC01 Hyper Black Wheels

(more of a brushed titanium look, than a darker gunmetal)

Fitment was perfect for my 2000 NSX on OEM suspension - no rubbing , great ride, great handling and looked amazing in person.

I recently sold the car, and even though I thought these wheels and tires added a much more aggressive/wider stance and presence,
the buyer as a purist, wanted only the OEM rims and tires. (which I had never used in my 11 years of ownership). I had these rims on my car the entire time I owned it. Replacing the fronts about 6 years ago, and rears about 4 years ago (keep in mind I only drove about 800 miles per summer in those 11 years, and less than 1000 total in the last 3 years)

Wheels - Condition is very good....some very minor surface scuffs, and some minor rim rash along mounting lip...I took an enormous amount of pride in my NSX, at car shows and such, and these little imperfections didn't bother me at all...not new, but very good for used rims 8.5/10.
These rims and similar tires came with and mounted on the car when I bought it, along with OEMS's unmounted)


2 - Rear 18 " X 9.5" perfect hub fitment for NSX offset 38
2 - Front 17" X 8" Perfect hub fitment for NSX offset 48

Rear - less than 800 miles, Excellent, almost new condition Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 265/35 ZR18 97Y
- tread at middle 8/32nds for both See pic wheels #2 1 for tread pattern , #4 & #6 for tread depth

Front - approx. 4000 miles on one, 5000 on the other (had a flat several years ago and replaced it)
Toyo Proxes T1R 215/40 ZR17 87W tread at middle 6/32nds and 7/32nds
see pic wheels #2 3 for tread pattern, #2 & #5 for tread depth

Included are the full set of lug nuts, that use a "spline" style of head, with matching socket wrench.

Tires and wheels were removed each winter off season, while car was on jack stands. Stored in climate controlled 70 degree garage at all times, when off , or on the car....none have had a flat or any repairs, and were balanced every second summer.

I have attached several pictures, including some exterior shots. As you can see, the width of the rears was almost exactly in line with rear fender. And want to emphasize there was zero rubbing with my OEM suspension. Pictures are of all 4 faces, and all 4 insides.

Pic #17 is a close up of inner label on each wheel, although the number is different on each

Wheels 13.jpgWheels 1.jpgwheels 26.jpgWheels 21.jpgwheels 23.jpgWheels lugs.jpgwheels 33.jpgwheels 31.jpgwheels 28.jpgwheels 30.jpgWheels 8.jpgWheels 11.jpgWheels 10.jpgWheels 9.jpgWheels 7.jpgwheels 24.jpgWheels 16.jpgWheels 15.jpgWheels 14.jpgWheels 12.jpg

Buyer pays shipping cost. (I've factored this into my price) My Postal Code in Canada is R6W 1E4 , I will deliver at no cost to Winnipeg.

Please feel free to ask any other questions.

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Enkei GTC01 Rims and Tires, Great condition

Price Reduced to $1600.00 for quick sale...great looking wheels , see full listing with pictures.

I've also had quite a few PM's asking for more details on size and offset...so took a bunch of pics and posted them below ....

Offset believed to be 38 on rear wheels, 48 on fronts.......in my post below, there is an engraving which says 18 X 9.5 under which it says 38...and 17 X 8 with a 48 on the fronts (these are engraved on inner hub area where it is hollowed out between lug holes)

..so guessing this is the offset. when I bought the car 11 years ago, these are what was on them. I can tell you that I had these rims on the car for the 11 years I owned it,(other than removing them each winter, and stored car on jack stands) and although not many miles in the past 11 years, I never used the OEM rims and tires that the seller included when I bought it..I just kept them in the closet because I felt they looked (for lack of better words) "wimpy" compared to how great these looked. When I sold it, the buyer from me said he only wanted the OEM rims because he wanted the stock look...and was preserving car as a collector item.

I am including a bunch of pictures , but if they do not come through ok, send me an email to [email protected] and I can send direct. I am including close ups of the inner hub area, which has some letters/numbers , but I could not see anything with a 35 mm offset for example. When laying a straight edge across the inner rim lip, and measuring from the flat hub surface to the underside of the straight edge, it is just under 7 inches.

The widest inner lip to outer lip measurement is about 10.5 inches. if measuring without the mounting lips included, that is 9.5 inches. I am not sure how else I could tell about the offset, unless those engraved numbers in the pictures are a code for the offset. I can tell you that with these rims, and the tire size, there is no rubbing at all...none when turning, none when going over steep curbs, etc....it all worked perfect...like they were totally made for this wheel well and suspension. What I liked most was the side profile, in that they stuck out just enough to look flush with fender line, but not too far to look like a person has oversized wheels and tires on the car...(like the Nova's of the early 70's had...lol) The tire profiles were very comfortable (not harsh at all) yet handled exceptionally well. I had a full service check over on the car prior to selling for the buyer (full day in the Acura shop) and I stayed with the tech the entire day...going over every single item including compression, then he took it out for a ride and said that it felt factory new...tight but not harsh, very quiet and comfortable, and great handling... I would also add that this wheel /tire combination has no highway hum or anything, in fact very quiet for performance tires...I have read on prime in the past that some sport tires can hum/drone on the highway. Thanks all, if someone is able to determine the offset from these pictures or my measurements, feel free to let me know....but again, not sure it matters if the wheels and tires fit perfect, and have no rubbing in any conditions. (with factory suspension)
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PRICE REDUCED - $1200 plus shipping

Would really like to move these great looking wheels and tires....in Canada, will ship from R6W 1E4, and now that borders have opened up, can ship to US, from US zip 58282 if calculating approx. shipping costs...
Moderator/Administrator: Is it possible to edit the title heading to reflect the new revised price in the main post? $1200 + shipping?....thank you
I can't change the thread title but you can edit your first post to reflect new price and I would think 99% of folks will see that change while glancing at title
Price Drop - now $1200.00 plus shipping

For those asking via PM, here is some information that might assist in estimating shipping costs.

I am just in the process of waiting for information from the various shipping companies to provide details on approx cost.

For your information, the 2 rear tires/rims weigh 46 lbs each, and are 25.5" in diameter, 11" wide
the 2 fronts are 37 lbs each and are 24" in diameter , 9" wide

My origin shipping zip is 58282 Walhalla, North Dakota....or in Canada R6W 1E4 Winkler, Manitoba

This might help you use an online calculator....I am waiting for the shipping company to tell me if its better to bundle two tires together as a larger, heavier item (and have two items shipped) or
keep each of them shipped separately (four items)...if cost is approx. the same, then probably better to do in a 4 item shipment, as they are more manageable

They will be sandwiched in heavy cardboard and shrink wrapped

docjohn - thanks for the reply, I don't see an "edit" function on the original post, possibly it's too old and the time to edit has elapsed.... would you be ok if I created a new posting, simply with a link to this original post? (its kind of bending the rules of the marketplace)...but otherwise not sure short of reposting the entire content with pics and everything, how to ensure that the title as people are browsing the titles of the marketplace can reflect the new price. Thanks very much....