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Funny/Embarassing Story

4 April 2001
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Just had to share this on a Sat. morning.....I had taken out my '94 coupe last nite to pick up a sub from Subway, and it reminded me yet again about the public attention this car gets.
I noticed a white, early-90's Buick following me into the parking lot, and thought nothing more of it, until I parked and he pulled in beside me. He approached the car,and said "I've been driving a flatbed tow-truck for the last 15 years, and I've never towed anythin' like that!" He then proceeded to exclaim on the car's condition, question details about the engine location, etc. I was informative as usual, because I enjoy educating enthusiasts about the NSX. Anyways, that incident happened before I went in to Subway.
Inside, I was at the counter, and I heard the kids behind it whispering "is that an NSX? No way, can't be", and "yeah, man it is!" that kind of thing. I grinned, and said "so, you recognize the NSX, eh?" (after all, I am a Canuck ;-)) I was just heading the door, and two of the kids behind the counter followed me, and clustered around the car with three other kids, and the questions started again. I showed the engine, let them sit in the car, and gave the typical overview.
Now, the embarassing part--I got in, started up, and was backing up when one of the kids piped up "Can you do a burnout"? Now, rational heads may not want to read the next part, but, because they were considerate kids, and seemed really keen on the car, I relented for the first time since I bought the car two years ago. After checking for nearby vehicles and people, I revved the engine to about 3500/4k, and let out the clutch with a thump. The tires let out a massive chirp, I moved a few feet, then the engine dropped to a low drone, and I moved out of the lot with all the alacrity of an old Chevette! I was mortified--my first chance to do a witnessed burnout, and my Traction Control was on! I normally switch it off for dry driving, but I was so intent on performing a safe burnout, I missed this critical step.
Needless to say, I must have left quite an impression on these kids...

'94 Brooklands Green Coupe (stock)
'01 Lexus GS430
I feel for you man!!! I did a similiar thing in a M5 at the dragstrip. Boy does it make you look stupid! People at the strip thought something broke, I said no just a wheel-nut problem, the nut at the wheel that is.
happened to me once and then got chance to speak to the people who witnessed me rev and do nothing and i played it off, "as if i would burn out in my $60,000 car; and then the tires cost $400- each" yeah i guess i would do the same thing is what they said. little do they know if tcs was off they eyes would of been full of tire smoke. heheheh...
Great story. I always enjoy talking about cars with whomever will listen to my ranting and raving about my NSX. Heck, I even have a videotape of myself from a DE at Sebring that I keep ready to show my patients while I'm treating them.

As for the burnout that you missed, don't fret too much over it. I've only done one and that was when some kids spit on my car and I need to do a quick 180, so turning of the TCs and dumping the clutch at 4000rpm did the job quite well. I was actualy surprised because our cars are quite low on torque, but I sure did leave a massive cloud of burnt (sp?) rubber that got everyone's attention.

There's always next time.