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Fuse Question Again!

8 November 2000
San Francisco, CA, USA
What does it mean when I insert a new 15 amp fuse for my interior lights and it blows it immediately?

I had the driver door open while doing this. Do you think this caused it? I am afraid of inserting any more fuses before I hear what the experts at this site have to say.

Please help!

'96 Black/Black NSX-T (100% Stock)
Putting in a new fuse with the door open is no different than changing a light bulb with the lamp turned on. This should not cause you to blow a fuse. There is definitely a short somewhere. You may have a slice/burn in a wire somewhere along that circuit that is touching bare metal causing it to blow the fuse.

You will probably need to test the circuit at different points. The ceiling, courtesy, and trunk lights are all on the same circuit. You will need to test along the white/blue wires at each light with a circuit tester to determine the source of the problem.

This may sound silly but also check to see that you are replacing the fuse with a 15A fuse and not something smaller.