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Getting the BRG NSX this weekend!

26 February 2000
San Jose, California, USA
For all who did not read my previous post.
I have decided to purchase: http://www.goldfarb.com/nsx4sale

JChoice, First I thought he was going to drive the car up here so that he can sign all the DMV paper work at my bank, but seems like everything can be done via Fedex. I will have it registered and paid for by Friday and hope to drive down Saturday to pick it up. I am planning to drive down with a couple of friends and stay at a hotel or motel Saturday night. I may wait to pick up the NSX till Sunday so that I won't have to leave the car in the hotel parking lot. We're also planning to stop by at Leguna Seca for the open track event on both Sat. and Sun. Are any of you guys going to be there? JChoice, lets meet on Saturday evening if you have time.
definitely! I usually play soccer from 10AM to 12PM, but I'll come as soon as that is finished. Its only about 15 minutes up HW17. I live on the edge of San Jose and Campbell.


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Congrats! That was almost my car by twelve hours. I still have a copy of the registration. Great car.
The rims are perfect by the way.

94 Red & Tan NSX. One of 35 made that year.