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Getting the oil changed

Tha k you very much guys... Very informative. I do think that I will just change all the fluids in the car just for peace of mind. Hopefully fluids are not as expensive as I'm thinking tho. Like NbNW said it is not that expensive and I agree with you. The thing is that the dealer that I bought the car from was quoting me 750 for just an alaigment. Went to a local motor sport shop and charged me only 160. Stealerships are a joke nowadays. So on Monday I'm calling an acura dealership close to me and ask how much the gonna charge me. Ima shop around. As for the downpipe, I spoke to sos and they asked me to send them a pic of the downpipes. I'll do that today. I feel that the engine was probably abused but the car is in good shape overall. Only few things that I had to replace like the outside door latch that does not want to retreat after locking the car. The spring inside is broken. I already got the part and the motor sport shop that I mentioned above can install it (the owner had an NSX and has exp working on them). I also had to raise the car since it was 3in from the floor and install valve sims cuz it was throwing a code for them. But first things first... Fluid change and outside door handle fix first. I'll worry about emissions later. Thank you again guys!!!! Very helpful
Also.. I did change the battery already and it's true this car does not like an old battery at all. Lol
Here is the link for the install video of the JB4.

By the way, no one has successfully flashed the 2017-2022 NSX that I am aware of.

Here is the link for the Facebook Second Gen. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1880273068883820
The shop I was telling you about have a guy that flash the ecu. The owner did to his nsx. That's what he told me anyways. I was asking about the emissions code and he told me that he can flash the ecu and tell the computer to skip the code so that the check engine light does not come back on. I wont pass emissions regardless but no check engine light on dashboard. Lol
The downpipes sit under the air filter box you can remove the box and see what downpipes you have. SOS has a video on how to remove the air box just search for downpipe install vid. SOS utilizes the stock heat sheild for the downpipes and most other brands dont.
Good advice.
we all have opinions....lol......

I will likely follow the computer but will do a oil change at least every 2 years...
Yes, I agree, my maintenance minder is at 50%, on other Honda vehicles I have owned, the maintenance minder oil % goes down faster from 50% than 100%, that also makes sense. I currently have 5,704 on the odometer, I picked up my car on 2/18/2022. I have a few road trips so far, 2 to / from Orlando, FL area and to Cary, NC & back in 2022, I will be driving to Atlanta, GA & back for NSXPO in September. I plan to have the oil changed in Feb. 2024, I expect the maintenance minder to be close to or below 20%. I went to the PMC in January 2022, our tour guide was John Watts, at the Anna engine plant I asked the engine builders about oil changes as I have always changed the oil in my cars in the past after 2,500 miles (initial oil change after purchase of a new car). I was told not to change the oil until the % was 20 or less and not to be concerned about time by the engine builders at the Anna engine plant, I did not ask them about a 2 year time frame for oil changes, but the oil used in the engine build process is a special oil I was told. I am not sure if "The Kid" or any other owners that went on the tour asked about oil changes if the oil percentage is not below 20% after 2 years. I expect to be at 7500 - 8,000 miles by Feb. 2024, if my driving continues @ 4,000 per year I would change the oil every 2 years.