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Glad I did a PPI

9 September 2007
Chicago Burbs
So my car was brought in for a PPI on Saturday. Apparently it checked out OK, but the only issue is that the clutch master cylinder is wore. The current owner is replacing it before I arrive. Is this something I should be concerned about? Any other potential issues related (ie clutch) that may need to be replaced soon? Car currently has 53k miles. thanks,
As has been mentioned on other threads about clutch fluid leaks and such the slave cylinder needs to also be replaced with the master.
I know its a 2002 model but if was sold in 2001, It's now time or sometime this year for the t-belt and water pump service 7 yrs or 105k which ever comes first

Good luck
and hope you enjoy it
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It is possible the PO never did flush the hydraulic systems, break and clutch. I had mine flushed at about 8,000 miles as the car was 4 years old and the fluids were discolored and could have lead to a replacement issue in due time and not exactly mileage related. From this point forward I plan on flushing every 2 years some say even more frequently if you drive very hard or track the car.

Maintenance is key.

If you don't have evidence to the contrary, assume that all the fluids and filters and timing belt and water pump should be replaced now. It's also a good idea to replace the cooling system hoses at the same time; although they don't have a specified replacement interval, you may as well do them when the TB/WP are replaced, since there are savings in labor and coolant by doing so now.