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Golf commercial.

3 June 2005

Text says: The Golf TDI. Incredible acceleration. :biggrin:
I like the latest BMW commercial where the dog tries to avoid the ride, then puts on a bicycle/wrestling helmet to protect his head when it bumps the rear hatch on the station wagon.

I remember the first time I took my 3 year old lab for a ride to work in my then new Mustang GT. Accelerating out of a cloverleaf and look back after merging and see him pinned between my speaker boxes and the hatch with a really disgusted look on his face. I drove a little more slowly with him in the car from then on:D
Animal Rights groups will love that commercial. :p The dog's not wearing a seatbelt!

There's one 'golf' commerical I've seen and always wanted to see again was Tiger Woods bouncing a golf ball on his club for a full minute, then swings and whacks it a mile. The ball doesn't touch the ground once. It's incredible!
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I downloaded a video somewhere on the net that shows two pilots in a small plane doing some negative G manuevers. In the back of the plane you see a dog start floating, he slowly floats towards the front and looks like he is going to lick one of the pilots on the face.

At this point the video ends, I presume because they probably leveled off and the dog took a pretty good tumble.