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Good Day

28 March 2000
Just thought I would share my NSX related Good/Great Day. Well as you may have figured out by some of my posts I bought my NSX based on its gorgeous looks. After having it awhile (well didn't take too long) I caught the inevitable "Mod Bug" that most of us have.

Today, (not sure exactly what to call this piece) there is a removable piece on the nose with a tow-hook hidden behind it. Well this piece I'm assuming fell off while I was on the highway leaving a pretty noticable hole in the nose.

On my way home I stopped at the Acura dealer and they actually had this piece in stock in the correct color. (Pretty good news)

Now for the even better news.... I have always wondered why Acura doesn't network their dealerships so all service records can be checked at any ACURA dealer. Regardless, just to check and see if my NSX had ever been serviced there by a previous owner, I asked them to look up its service history.

About 10,000 miles ago my car had The Japanese Short Gears mod and a new clutch and I had no idea. When I bought this NSX I saw it, drove it and bought it. Only NSX I have ever driven so I had no base to compare it to.

Just wanted to share.. Bonus!

Bonus plan on the mods buddy. As far as the dealer having ANYTHING in stock in your color, I find that pretty miraculous. I think I would go out and buy a lottery ticket while you are still on this streak... but you have to split your winning with me for the idea so that I can buy one of the next-generation NSXs and be miserable about how inferior it is likely to be over my 2000.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black


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