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Goodyear F1 Eagles - HELP PLEASE

10 July 2007
Pebble Beach
Last night my rear tire went thru a painful death as it began to come off the wheel. It looks like someone intentionally let some air out of it as the cap was off the valve stem. I now have to decide how to replace the tire. It looks like it is model 265/30Z619 93Y Can some one confirm that I have this model right as reading it upside down is NOT easy.

Lastly, the OZ supra legra 3 wheels are beautiful, but will I require someone with special skills to help with mounting a new tire on these wheels? As if this was not enough, I could not remove the wheel as one of the lugnuts seems nearly frozen - any thoughts on this issue?
Where did this happen? Monterey area?

Eagle F1 GS-D3 comes in 265/30ZR19.

Frozen lugnut is most likely over torque or possible cross-thread. This happened to me once, and when I back the lugnut off, the hub stud broke off. Mine was cross-threaded by Costco. Good luck Steve.
Your gonna have to back it off and snap it. Doubtful you get it loose. Just run down and pick up another stud.
Just get a bigger breaker bar or pipe to get more leverage. You'll either loosen it or break off the stud.

Find a tire shop that has protective covers for their tire equipment. Usually shops that sell wheels have them. Make sure they remove all the old wheel weights and re-balance the wheel.
Thanks for all your help. Yes, it happened in downtown Monterey.