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Got my ride-----

19 July 2002
Well, I picked up my 04 Gallardo yesterday. The car is awesome. It isn't very quick off the line as expected. But once you hit 4k rpm it is one hell of a ride. I would think the e-gear trans probably has something to due with off the line starts. When you are going 30-50mph and step on the gas you really feel the power of the 10 cyl. motor. I had the car up to 150mph yesterday on the way back home. The power up above 100mph is incredible, it feels like the car pulls harder and harder and at 150mph you feel like your doing 100mph. Then you realize you have another 45mph or so still left. I drove to Lake Geneva Wisconsin yesterday on the way home. We all know the attention the Nsx gets, well multiply that 10x. I have owned three Nsx's. So the Nsx is my first true love, but riding home in this car felt like the first time I drove home in my Nsx and some. I really wish Acura brings to the table a Nsx we all fall in love with again, because I will be one of the first to buy one. I was also happy to see the interior room in the Gallardo is about the size of the Nsx. The seats on the X are more comfortable. Both of these cars are amazing for one reason or another.
Congratulations!!! Definately need some pics. What color is it?
Looks like he's offline for now. I bet he's out driving it. jerk. :smile:
Zero-Cool said:
That my dream car.......I hate you!!! congards...like you someday I will sell my NSX for that baby.

I hate you for owning a NSX and talking about selling it and i hate DURIM91NSX for complaining about the speed of the Gallardo. :eek: :redface:
Shkrmvr said:
Would love to see it in person sometime
Ditto! I'd love to check out the Gallardo in person or go for a ride :) Congrats again!