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Group Buy Goup Buy on CP Carrillo Pistons set (with Rings & wrist pins)

3 April 2004
East Bay
I am currently rebuilding my motor and have located a source that is able to get the CP-Carrillo Pistons for $780 shipped within US. Made in US, they are CNC machined and forged. List price for them are $1,117, and each set comes with matching rings/wrist pins.

To get GB price, the buy-in is 3 sets, and better price if we can get 6 sets.

Available in both C30A and C32B engine for either NA or FI application and standard (90mm & 93mm) or oversize (+0.5mm):

Standard 90mm, Part No. SC7180 (10.2 Compression Ratio)
Oversize (+0.5mm), Part No. SC7181 (10.2 CR)

Standard 90mm, Part No. SC7080 (9.0 CR)
Oversize (+0.5mm), Part No. SC7081 (9. 0 CR)

Standard 93mm, Part No. SC7182 (10.2 CR)
Oversize (+0.5mm), Part No. SC7183 (10.2 CR)

Standard 93mm, Part No. SC7082 (9.0 CR)
Oversize (+0.5mm), Part No. SC7083 (9.0 CR)
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CP-Carrillo is known for its fully machined, lightweight, precision made pistons. Every piston is engineered using sophisticated computer modeling for optimum designs, while their 5-axis machining capability enables them to create any piston.





Is price the only reason why ur going with CP pistons?

why not Wiseco or Diamond?

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Warning: NEwb question

I'm in the process of piecing together my long block slowly. Can they offer higher than 10.2:1 compression or is there not enough clearance?

I know Wiseco can. They have a database and all u tell them is ur CR and boost and they will even alter the crown to be thicker or thinner....