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Gran Turismo 4 - good training tool?

28 October 2002
Atlanta, GA
I've been playing Gran Turismo 4 on a PlayStation 2 using the Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel. Just wondered if any of you other track rats out there have tried it, and if so, do you think it's a good performance driving learning tool? I think it is. It's truly changing the way I think when doing performance driving.

If you haven't tried it, it's an awesome racing simulation. You can really feel the rear end break loose by the very well done force feedback steering wheel. There's a huge difference when driving a rear-wheel vs. front-wheel drive cars for example. There's a really cool undocumented feature - if you hit a specific button on the wheel in the racing license testing single-car runs, it shows a blue dotted line that gives you the proper line and also braking and accelleration cues. Turns out I wasn't doing it nearly as right as I should. I'm trying a few things back in the real world, and it works!! I'm learning a ton from it. The main thing really missing is the "seat of the pants" feel - particularly when braking - you miss the enertia feedback. But everthing else is incredible.

Yes it's just a video game, but you really ought to try it. It does have a bunch of NSXs too.


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Jeff, I was thinking the same thing.

Whenever I play the game, I try to learn different dynamics of the car. Plus, crashing into walls for stupid mistakes are much less costly on GT4 compared to the real life.

There are some drawbacks, but as a simulator of learning proper lines and dynamics, I think that it's great and fun!
If you turn off all the driving aids the game may give you an idea about real life but not more. Although I used GT (all previous versions) and other games with real tracks to learn the tracks itself a bit better - what I find really good designed is the Nuerburgring Nordschleife in GT 4 - I would never drive it with my real NSX but it's a hell of fun with computer cars (try a maxed out BMW 3 series race touring car with medium slicks and you'll have a good idea how car's like that may react IRL there).

IRL: Not Indy Racing League but in real life
Hello from a newbie to your board.

I bought a PS2, the wheel and pedals and that game specifically to work on my track skills. Unfortunately for me, I have not been too successful with getting a good feel in the game. Perhaps I simply have not spent enough time with it, but as you know, the visceral feel, despite the FF steering, just doesn't give (me) enough feedback to make it useful so far. Any other pointers ?
I would just give it some time, to get used to it. Some people really like it, others just don't care for it as much. My wife for instance...

Anyway, here's a link to a reasonble text guide for a noob at the game to get going pretty well. Hope it is of some help.

GT4 Beginner guide from www.gamefaqs.com

And if you search the forums here for "gran turismo 4" you'll find numerous threads with lots of feedback from other NSXers.

Man.. I'm dying to get back on the track... so I built this for the mean time... get some practice on my late breaking and double apexes... anything helps!! :)
Well, i'll be back on the track April 9th at Lime Rock park... woohoo!!



WOW JSpec, that is AWESOME!!! What a hoot! You must be a very fun (and intense!) person to be around. Excellent job. :wink:

Here's a production version of your setup, but it's not a real NSX seat by a long shot....


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Awesome setup guys!
jeff- what button do u press to get that blue line ?
R3. But as I progressed in the game I found they turned it off. It worked for me when getting the B and I think A licenses, when you are doing the single-car runs (the ones without the pace car).

I think that GT is a great training tool! It's made me a better driver I know that:) Does GT4 have Sebring Internationl Raceway in it? That was my first track event and I would love to return for $50 and a seat in "my chair". :biggrin:
Nope, no Sebring. Or VIR or Road Atlanta, which I was also hoping for. Seems mostly west-coast road courses from the USA.

Here's the list:

City Courses
1. Seoul Central
2. Tokyo Route 246
3. Hong Kong
4. Clubman Stage Route 5
5. Special Stage Route 5
6. New York
7. Seattle Circuit
8. Cote d'Azur
9. Opera Paris
10. George V Paris
11. Citta di Aria
12. Costa Di Almafi
World Circuits
13. Tsukuba
14. Fuji Speedway
15. Fuji Speedway '80s
16. Fuji Speedway '90s
17. Infineon Raceway
18. Laguna Seca Raceway
19. Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
20. Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway
21. Twin Ring Motegi West - Short Course
22. Twin Ring Motegi East - Short Course
23. Suzuka Circuit
24. Suzuka Circuit East Course
25. Suzuka Circuit West Course
26. Fuji Speedway 2005
27. Fuji Speedway 2005 GT
28. Tsukuba Circuit Wet
29. Nürburgring Nordschleife
30. Circuit de la Sarthe 1
Dirt & Snow
31. Cathedral Rocks Trail 2
32. Cathedral Rocks Trail 1
33. Tahiti Maze
34. Grand Canyon
35. Ice Arena
36. Chamonix
37. Swiss Alps
Original Circuits
38. High Speed Ring
39. MidField Raceway
40. Grand Valley East Section
41. Grand Valley Speedway
42. Deep Forest Raceway
43. Trial Mountain
44. El Capitan
45. Autumn Ring Mini
46. Autumn Ring
47. Apricot Hill
Driving Park
48. Test course
49. Gymkhana course
50. Kashiwa
51. Beginner
Power & Speed
52. Las Vegas Drag Strip
John McCain Racing said:
I think that GT is a great training tool! It's made me a better driver I know that:) Does GT4 have Sebring Internationl Raceway in it? That was my first track event and I would love to return for $50 and a seat in "my chair". :biggrin:
As Jeff wrote, no. But I have an older version of TOCA Race driver for PS that contains Sebring.
just last week i bought a ps2, gt4 and a logitech motion wheel/pedal combo. brought it home and my visiting son (29) and his daughter (8) and i all sat down to play it and when i was selecting my car to drive, i selected a black '90 nsx. my granddaughter says to me, "grandpacat <ahem, nickname for me ;>, that's SUCH A TOTALLY COOL CAR!!!".

i said, "you know, i have one just like this in the garage ('91, black)"; she says, "this game doesn't have a garage". "no", i said, "i have one of these out in my garage".

her eyes got sooooooooo big and bright, it was worth the price of the ps/wheel/game just for that priceless moment. it was clear that my cool factor shot right off the charts.

fun game, wife's outta town this weekend so i'm having some neighbor guys over to take a few laps ;)

be well, all.