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Great place to buy OEM NSX Parts! Great Deals!


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12 April 2005
San Clemente Ca.
In addition to E-bay stores, Scott can order about anything OEM for your NSX.
Great to deal with, fast shipping, Great prices.
Tell him Mark sent you.
No reason to go through local yocal dealers or specialty shops
that do not answer the phone, or return e-mails.
Very happy to have found this source of OEM parts.
You may already know all this, but I just received my 1st order
and am thrilled at what I saved over my local dealership.
$281.00 including shipping V.S $435 using my own gas.

Scotts E-mail = [email protected]

Well, I saw the post and will let you know, I e-mailed looking for a price on a set of floor mats and a trunk mat.
Just ordered a car cover. I'll let you know how it goes. :smile: