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Great Service at Santa Barbara Acura

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
While this is a tiny dealership, they really work hard to do the right stuff. I brought my car in to check out the battery. After installing the 12 volt accessory charger I noticed that when I would come home from driving around that the red light under the glove box would flash. I had looked up the manual and it indicated that the battery was at 12.4 volts or lower. So based on that I thought I would get ahead of the game rather than wait for the battery to fail. They offered me a loaner and I accepted. Got a 2021 RDX with the Tech package. Had to be the best RDX I had driven to date. I always check out the window sticker which was in the rear trunk. Funny no price given just standard Manroney sheet with loaner typed where a MSRP would go. They called me around mid day and said that they had charged the battery and tested it both with hand held and some other device. The battery passed. They then offered to keep it over night and check to see if a parasitic draw was an issue. Next day still everything ok. They washed the car and I picked it up. When I got home and drove into the garage I took another look under the glove box and the light was flashing. I was going to call them and then imagined they would want me to come back in. Then I noticed that the headlights turned off. The red light went dark. So now I know that driving it into the dark garage would light the headlights and they would remain on for 15 to 20 seconds causing a drop in the battery voltage. I felt really stupid, and the next day I dropped by and explained what had happened to the Service Advisor. He relayed the info to the tech. Oh well, shit happens. I did learn that these batteries generally last 5 years before needing replacement. In the end they really treated me well, took me seriously and tried to validate the problem.


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I like the sporty drive of the RDX over the MDX...
Great story--thanks for sharing (especially the root cause, which will now help all the rest of us). Now that the model line-up is getting more and more impressive, the inconsistent dealer network is going to be Acura's next big challenge. What you described SHOULDN'T be out-of-the-ordinary, but we all know it is.