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Exhaust GRF-EX003 Full Titanium Exhaust

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19 October 2010
Hi I have a hand-made titanium exhaust purchased from GRF in Japan, the quality of this exhaust is amazing, full titanium and ultra light weight, weigh less than ARC or any other Titan exhaust, only 4.85kg.
It sounds CRAZY AGGRESSIVE!!! a deep rumble at low RPM and a high-pitched scream at higher RPM. It completely transforms any NSX.

This exhaust is basically new, only used less then 1k miles and as you can from picture it has no scratch or dent, and the titanium has retained its original color. (yet to change to amazingly purple/blue/gold as you drive it more)

Bought for over $4.5k new plus shipping and wait time from Japan, and to my knowledge, no one has this in U.S. or Canada.

Here is a link of the sound comparison of this exhaust:

In the video, the ex-003 and ex-005 are essentially the same titan exhaust, only difference is shape of the tip. In this video, the ex-003 car(black) is completely stock and ex-005 car(yellow) is with straight pipe.
So here you have how my exhaust will sound with all stock and how it will sound with straight pipe.

Selling for $2,590 shipped anywhere in U.S/Canada


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