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Grippe m ver 3 vs GDP Titan On classifieds?

5 July 2007
N Ireland
Anyone have a compare on how these sound? Knave the gruppe m and have been very happy with it but I have always fancied a titanium exhaust like the one posted in classified by rx7.

I've never had a titanium exhaust before so I don't know if it's better in my head or better sounding for real.

I like how the gruppe m sounds in everyday, is the Titan more of the same or totally different?

I am ignorant to the scientific differences in the two materials too, so feel free to share the benefits drawbacks of titanium /steel

Titanium isn't there for sound, it's there for weight savings. I'm sure with two identical exhausts they are slightly different but not much. I've always liked the sound of gruppeM exhausts.
I have a GruppeM V3 exhaust and it sounds like a motorbike reving, its awesome.
Its expensive, $4k from Dali for the titanium version, probably a little less for the stainless version.

I don't have an audio clip.