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Grippy fender aprons / protectors

3 November 2011
Saskatchewan, Canada
I have one of those neoprene sticky fender aprons that you lay over the fender to protect the paint from scratches when you are working on the car. It is still relatively new; but, it has definitely lost its grip and typically slides off as soon as I lift my body weight off the apron. I can find lots of replacement aprons from vendors. What I seek is recommendations based upon experience with a good apron that stays in place after it has been out of the package for more than a couple of weeks and provides a reasonable amount of padding for protection.

One of the full NSX aprons might be trick; but, not what I really want because I use the apron on other non mid engine vehicles
It's low-tech, but Kaz uses plastic shrink wrap on his customer cars. I've thought about making my own apron using a heavy rubber sheet with a microfiber felt glued to the bottom
How about the shrink wrap first and then use your fender mat? Seems to me the shrink wrap would be tactile enough to hold the mat.