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Grom + smartenna question

12 October 2011
Denver, Co
I have the Grom installed in the cab behind the seat. The Smartenna is wired in the trunk. Before I added the Grom the Smartenna worked like a charm. Now with the Grom, it's 50/50 that the antenna will retract when playing the ipod. Any ideas? Thanks
Is the Smartenna DIN connector plugged in between the Grom and the head unit?
I remember reading on prime that you cant use both.

either smartenna or grom alone.

cant have best of both worlds LOL

I will try and find the link on prime.
I remember reading about it somewhere, you can't have both. I also use the Grom iPod adapter and I disconnected my antena...
When I tested Grom last year or so, I moved the Smartenna plug from the trunk CD player to Grom (after soldering/lengthening the wires) behind the driver seat. The Smartenna worked as expected at the time.
I use the Grom and the Smartenna without any issues. The Smartenna works as advertized. If you are plugging into the CD changer cable behind the seat, you need to extend the Smartenna Logic to that location as the Grom needs to be after the Smartenna. You could also extend the two white wires from the Smartenna to the Grom connection location.
see: http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=121560&page=2
Post #45 on page 2. I did this a couple of years ago, and have since upgraded to the bluetooth iPOD Grom unit and it works the same as the second generation Grom.

USASpec does not work with the Smartenna
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