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Growling, gargleing, grinding sound when car is moving?

3 November 2007
Fort Worth, Texas
Sorry for the odd desciption but the best way i can describe the sound is that it almost sounds like when your brake pads are gone and your grinding but its not as severe.

I get this sound anytime my car is in motion. No its not the brakes. At first i was sure the sound was coming from the passenger side engine bay but lately i have thought that it sounded like passenger side front fender area. To me honest i cant pinpoint it at all.

My transmission also whines when it is in gear but i am having the fluid changed this week to hopefully quiet that down.

Any guesses as to what this sound is? Its not real loud but i usually drive with my radio off and this sound is louder than the stock exhaust and almost as loud as the tranny's whine when the car is in gear but i only get this sound when the car is moving.