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grrrrr - c'mon Comcast, fix your DNS

30 January 2005
Sarasota, FL
Once again tonight at least half my bookmarks are dead. It's Comcast and their wonky DNS servers that are the culprit again, I'll bet.

Fix it dudes. I can't be without my cable modem. I just can't. :(

I'm going to go sit in my car now.
I am with you!!! I am getting really annoyed! My neighbor works for the military and he said they have been number attacks on DNS servers this and last week. I guess maybe that is the problem. :mad:
I've been able to connect remotely to another machine (via IP address) and access the internet. If you have access to a box via PC Anywhere, RAdmin, or Virtual Terminal, this can be your internet gateway while this periodic issue with their DNS persits.
Oh my goodness!! I'm having the same thing. Some sites work (i.e. Prime, evom.net) but nothing else can I get to come up. It's fricken pissing me off! :mad: I'm on hold with comcast right now waiting to ask for a credit, this is the second or third night in a row I'm dealing with this. Happened a while back when I was trying to pay some bills on line and couldn't get through so I had to mail them in late, that made me madder yet!
interesting, that explains why my housemates keep complaining about the internet being down and my computer works fine... i had statically set some non comcast DNS servers a while back =) You guys should do the same.
I have Charter Pipeline and their DNS servers are notorious for this problem. The resolution is to statically assign your DNS server IP addresses to the following:

These are Verizon DNS servers that never have a problem. You can also manually enter your Comcast DNS entries in the list but put them lower so that the Verizon's are first to perform name/ip lookup.

Here is a link to the Comcast problem and notes from other users....

I"m glad to hear others are having the same problem I am. I thought it was just my POS computer not working correctly. Now I know it is with Comcast I don't feel so bad.