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GT Extreme owners?

14 May 2007
Beaumont, Texas
Anyone using a GT Extreme exhaust with a DF diffuser? By looks of it the Gt hangs too low for the Df large fin diffuser. I'd like clarification before I persue this exhaust as Im not a fan of losing my diffuser. Thank you in advance.
i think you are right,,,
Hey David, sorry to break the news but the GT Extreme exhaust hangs too low for any other diffuser except the smaller DF rear diffuser...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Yep, thats what I was afraid of. :frown: That does look sweet as hell though. Maybe I could learn to live w/out the diffuser. I hate making difficult choices. Thanks for the pic Striker.
You're gonna have to love it or hate it david...whatever decision you make will be worth it anyway, i don't think there is any exhaust out there that makes the NSX look unlikeable except the stock oval looking ones hehe