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GT-R?? What is Wrong With Me??

27 July 2007
Denver, CO

I can't believe it, but I found myself actually considering getting rid of my NSX for a GT-R today. :eek: It has a back seat that can fit a car seat, you can put Blizzaks on it and drive it in the snow, it has a wonderful 21st century interior with all the bits, and it can lap the ring in 7:26. But, it's just not a NSX. Can someone please talk me off the ledge?
I would do it...but no bumblebee scheme:redface:......Actualy I need an all weather high performance vehicle with room for 4 and some utility,I'm toying with the jeep srt8 :cool:
Guys I think he asked to be walked OFF the ledge not be pushed over it. LOL...

Honcho, definitely a more expensive car to own. I can't tell you what to do. On my test drive I found myself unable to let go of my nsx. But... My nsx is SC'ed, a 6 speed, nice summer day the targa was off, I have a winter car, and I don't have a kid.
I would have a hard time making that move myself.

Now if they made a 6spd manual GTR, I'd be selling every toy I own to get one...
I have never driven a car with paddle shift that I liked.

Then again, my friend's 430 Scuderia has been in the shop for like a year. If he ever gets it back, it might change my mind...
NSXs sell for way less than what they should. For me, selling my NSX for $25K-$40K (or whatever) just isn't worth it. For what I could sell it for - I'd just as soon keep this mid-engined, aluminum bodied, fun, reliable, still amazing to drive modern classic.

NatGeo narration is always corny, but this almost made me a true believer. Just remember, if you do get one, then you will have to look at it.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/irjdE9uGQMQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Get one =D!!!! BUT we'll see you back :wink:
ok, here is a little insight. the GT-R feels faster than it is. i have driven a 997 Porsche Turbo S, which is a tad faster, and it doesn't feel as fast as the GT-R. the GT-R is just a beast. i feel that everyone needs to own a really fast car once in their life.

the NSX is a different experience. a more exotic experience. in the same sense that the Ferrari 458 is slower than the GT-R, yet arguably better. this type of car cannot be replaced by the GT-R, in my opinion. i guess once you get the speed bug out of the way, this is the ideal car and far more satisfying to drive.

that said, you can have your cake and eat it too... keep the NSX, get a 996 Turbo.
Thanks guys. I bounced the needle off the rev limiter a few times on the way home from work and talked myself down. I guess I'm just tired of all the "old car" stuff- the creaks and rattles that come with a 22-year old car, the smell of burned oil every time I get out of the car (leaky valve covers), the carpet that peeled away from the floor because I used the wrong glue during my refresh, etc. I guess I just want to get into a car and feel like it's new.

I know, I know, I could just get a 2005 NSX, but then it would be a targa. :( And, I would still not have room for my new baby (who is due any day now).
get the newer T roof....and weld the roof on(shawn approved mod):biggrin: ..............In all honesty the gtr really is a good choice for the enthusiast that can only have one performance car that can play so many roles.
I would NEVER get one for this reason alone: