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Guidance on purchase of 91!

25 August 2001
Leadville, CO US
I know the NSX market has gotten softer, either economy or because of the new vehicle coming. It seems it takes awhile to unload an NSX. I have been looking for a year now and want to know what you think a 1991 Red NSX with 2k original miles driven 3 times a year every summer. It worries me having such low miles. If no problems what's it worth? I think $38k?
38 is low for the flawless condition it must be in.......... However, I think you should try to purchase one with a little more regular miles on it..... 10k-30k miles will likely prove to be a more reliable vehicle. Find one in that mileage range and in excellent condition and expect to pay 35-39k.

Todd Arnold

It's worth more than 38k IMO, but then again it comes down to how much you want to spend and what condition of a car you're looking for.

My '92 has less than 2k miles and if someone offered me 40k right now I'd pass on it. A similar car('91) with the same amount of mileage sold for 50k easy.

As far as reliability, I believe a low mileage car is just as reliable as one with say 30k miles. ICBW, but if I am I'd like to see the proof.

Happy Holidays and good luck with your search

Considering the model year, read the infamous snap ring thing discussion on the tech forum and in the FAQ, then check the tranny number, then go back and check it again !!