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Hallett - GCM Track Event

13 September 2000
Tulsa, OK
The Greencountrymotorsports.com group will be getting together for a track event at Hallett on Tuesday, April 26th. Cost is $100 and there will be a maximum of 20 entries. More specifics and subsequent planned events are here:

GCM Track Day

The track is very technical. Lots of blind corners, off-camber turns, elevation, and runoff room. I'll post up some vid of the track soon...

Would love to see some NSXs there!
yep, i've been to hallett twice, and it's a great track to run on! i STILL have dreams about driving there...pretty technical--there's more than a couple of turns you have to get right!

i can't make this event, but i would certainly encourage anybody who can go, to do that. it's worth the trip.
Hey shawn, I can't make it on a weekday, but NASA is having a event in October for a DE/race - me and a couple of other Tylerites are thinking of coming up for the event. Any plans for u to be there. Would be neat to see another NSX at the track. All other guys have SM, or Porsche cup, etc.


Check the events calender. Does it get too cold or wet by mid october in Tulsa?
Yeah, I see no reason why I couldn't make it. Realize that there will be other GCM days throughout the year as well.

Here's another good event, SCCA PDA:


$100 both days. Not too shabby.

It definitely would be nice to another NSX on track! I think MarkB has been there, the DAL guys, and a few of the locals have come but most of time I've missed them.

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